*Upon your arrival, we require that you pay the balance of your hunt after you're settled into your rooms and before your hunting starts on the next day.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

*Any groups that consists of (10) hunters or larger, we require a 10% gratuity fee of the total hunt paid with the remaining balance of your hunt upon arrival. 

*Also, we DO NOT guarantee birds on your hunt.  We cannot control the weather or any migratory ducks or geese that you are paying to hunt.  The only guarantee on birds we can back is the best available opportunity for you to shoot your ducks and geese.  Other than that, it's in Mother Nature's hands.  We do guarantee you daily lodging, 2 meals (breakfast & lunch), and available drinks with bar inside the lodge at your leisure, and all of the available amenities provided.  Full kitchen, outdoor grills, Wi-Fi, DirecTV, etc.

*Should we freeze up in the fields, hunters will go to the timber to hunt.  Our timber is fed by river with good current and stays open through most conditions.  If we decide to cancel your hunt based on harsh weather or difficult travel circumstances, your hunt will be rescheduled for a later date that season or possibly next season.  We DO NOT return deposits!  We almost never mix hunting groups.  But if we have a weather predicament where we are isolated to only hunting the river as our only option, we may have to hunt two seperate groups in our big blind.  Its comfortable and set up to hunt two seperate groups, one group on each side of the blind with their guide for each group.

*YOUTH HUNTERS hunt for half price, as long as your group consits of 4 or more paying adults!  Also, ask about our military and active law enforcement discounts as well!!





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​early season teal hunts

​$250 per person daily


Teal hunts includes lodging, 2 meals (breakfast & lunch), & drinks are included as well.

Timber duck hunts - private lodging

$400 per person daily

hunts end at 12pm

timber hunting only.  this hunt includes lodging with 2 meals (breakfast & lunch), & drinks are included as well.  ask about private stay for your group at our cabin, riverside.

*A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking your hunt by phone (ONLY).  *Prior to your arrival, we ask that you give us a call a few days in advance so that we can give you a bird and weather update.  *If there is an emergency and the group cannot make the trip, we ask for a notice at your earliest convenience so we can make other arrangements and move your deposit to a later date. This does not include guys backing out of your group at the last minute.  *If you book and deposit for 6 guys and arrive with only 4 guys with no arrangements made, we still require the other half of your deposit on 6 guys.  

morning ​Dove hunts

​$125 per person daily


All dove hunts are unguided, although you will be escorted to the field to your hunting spot.   Ask about lodging.

book your hunt with us!!

duck/speck hunts

​$400 per PERSON DAILY

​hunts end at 12pm

​​this Hunt includes lodging with 2 meals

(breakfast & lunch), with drinks included as well.