JD is the owner and operator of Dirty Rice Outfitters. He grew up in the Bootheel of Southeast Missouri and knows this ground better than anyone. Spending over half of his life as a Professional Waterfowl Guide and call maker, JD expands his knowledge to thousands of visitors of Dirty Rice Outfitters every year. He has duck hunted from the Mississippi to the St. Francis River, south to the Hornersville Swamp, and all the flooded rice and bean fields in between. 

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For as long as he can remember, Colton has tagged along with his big brother (JD) through the fields of Dirty Rice Outfitters learning the ins and outs of being a Professional Waterfowl Guide in the Bootheel of Missouri. Now a young man, Colton excels at placing his clients in the best possible position to produce a successful hunt. It's no wonder that he is requested by many visitors of Dirty Rice Outfitters. 

Dirty Rice Outfitters is the only local Outfitter in the Bootheel of Missouri.  Three counties (Pemiscot, Dunklin, & New Madrid) make up the "Bootheel" or what a lot of people call Southeast Missouri.  We have been guiding since 1999 when some of the very first rice fields were intoduced here.  Dirty Rice Outfitters is the ONLY guide service in this area that is 100% local - our entire crew was born and bred here.  We do it all on our privately owned property so when it comes to flight patterns, knowing what the birds are doing, weather, and how birds will cooperate, or what the birds will or won't do, we are the BEST in the business here in Southeast Missouri.  We have five main refuges within 30 miles of us - one of them being Big Lake WMA which is only about 5 miles from our lodge.  It's also the second largest refuge in the nation for waterfowl, usually holding up to 1.5 million birds during our season. 

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Jamie is the head guide at Dirty Rice Outfitters. He is a veteran duck hunter and his experience and knowledge in this sport have proven invaluable.  His job is to make sure that each and every hunter has the most successful hunt possible, while being treated with the utmost southern hospitality. He has proven successful hunts and memories that last a lifetime. Jamie enjoys the challenge of a good hunt with good people and his resume speaks for itself.

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